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    Gay friendly Ukraine

    Gay friendly clubs and saunas in Ukraine
    Kiev Clubs

    Club "androgyne" - the most famous and visited themed club in Kiev. The club is located just 15 minutes from the metro Shulyavka, at ul.Garmatnaya 26/2, the left side of DK "Sprout." There is always a lot of people of different ages and types. This gay-friendly club, although there are some people completely natural look. It features two rooms - European and Russian, two bars, karaoke and a dark labyrinth. For guys to midnight free admission.
    For more details about the club can be found on the website http://gay-club.com.ua/

    Club "Andybar" - a gay club in the city center, is located at ul. Khreschatyk 12. Dominated European music. In the club a lot of girls.
    More about the club, please visit http://andybar.com.ua/index.html

    "Lipstick" club - a small but cozy place near the metro "Khreschatyk", located on the street Zankovetska 6. In the club three small rooms and a tiny dance floor with a friendly atmosphere. Free entrance until midnight.
    More information, visit the club http://www.pomada-club.com.ua

    Friendly Saunas:

    Sauna "Alex." Located 10 minutes from the metro station "Vokzalna" at Povitroflotskyj Avenue 11. Working hours from 20 pm to 6 am, day off - Monday. Sauna has no identification marks, you pass through the arch and you're there. Call bell. In the sauna very friendly atmosphere, there is a small bar. Services for guests include a Finnish sauna, a large Roman thermos, massage and room for relaxation and privacy. In the sauna, "Alex" flexible pricing - from 50 to 80 UAH. More information can get by phone: 0981067003 or visit http://alexsauna.com

    Sauna "Blindage". Recreation center is located two kilometers from Maidan at Kudryavsky Descent 2, working from 21 pm to 6 am. Signboard near the stairs "Recreation Center". At the reception you will be given a towel and a key. The sauna has a spacious bar where you can eat. You can improve your health in a large Finnish sauna, wet steam with a warm marble, Roman steam bath and a small infra-red sauna. After the pair can relax in the area or in dark room. Pricing policy from 50 UAH. for students, and up to 150 UAH.to older guest. More information can please call 0502541111 or visit the club http://sauna-blindage.kiev.ua/


    Club "Jam" new friendly club in Kharkiv, located at ul. Gamarnik 12. Dance floor, karaoke, bar. Details by phone 068-888-79-43.


    Night club "Shede" is located in the heart of the city at the corner of Deribasovskaya and Pushkin at ul. Deribasovskaya 5. The club has two halls, located in a large dance floor, there is a VIP area. On Fridays and Saturdays show, beginning at 01:00. On other days admission is free. More information about the club, please call 0983732727 or visit http://shede-club.com.ua

    Club "Theme" is in the center of Odessa at the address. Pushkinskaya 6, entrance from Deribasovskaya. Few details about the club, please visit http://www.tema-club.com


    Club "Hedgehogs" is perhaps one of the most popular clubs in Ukraine friendly. Every year it is visited by tens of thousands of visitors Simeiz. Summer place here transvestite shows and foam parties. Cafe is located at: Simeiz Lenin Prospekt 42a.

    Club "Qbar" located in Sevastopol, at ul. Lenin 8a.
    Contact number 0936793130 or visit http://www.qbar.com.ua


    Club "Bourgeois" gay club in Dnipropetrovsk, located on the street Serov 4. In the club three halls with creative interior. The club is open from 18 to 24 hours, and on Friday and Saturday from 21 pm to 6 am. Phone number: 0503612686 or visit http://gay-club.dp.ua

    If you can not find your club and want to add it to the catalog - mail me.
    Your friendly Ukraine guide, Vitaliy

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