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    Hello, dear friends.
    Almost in the center of Europe is a little unknown country - Ukraine, with the size like as France. Many years ago since the collapse of the Soviet Union and now each of you can see Ukraine.

    Many peoples believe that Ukraine is similar to Siberia, and the need to take a lot of clothes, and you need prepare for the meeting with a bear on the street. What can we say about vodka and other stariotipah ...

    Times change, open borders, language remains a borer. Not all residents understand English, and not every people could tell you something. But for those who want to come - there are no  borders!

    Now you can arrive to Ukraine from almost all large cities in Europe and the world, inside the country remains a popular  rail transport.
    What you can see here.

    If you are first time in our country - you need to see Kiev - the capital of Ukraine. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Kiev - the center of the Russian land. Here you can find a lot of interesting places, and in the evening to spend time in one of the thematic clubs or saunas. Kiev - one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Ukraine, here you can find a thousand years Russian culture, and discover the Ukraine.

    If you need a rest from the big cities - welcome to the Crimea. 
    It is a popular place of rest among the Russians. 

    In this land crossed different countries and empires. Here have been Greeks and Byzantines, Genueztsy and  Turks, British and French, German and Russian. And now it is Ukraine. 

    Small town Simeiz - a popular holiday destination gay men from many countries. 

    This is a very special place that you need to visit. Around Simeiz a lot of architectural monuments, palaces and parks. This is a friendly place for gays.

    Another interesting area - the western Ukraine. 

    This is old Lviv and hospitable Transcarpathia. During the years of its history, this land belonged to different states and it has left its mark on the local architecture.

    Your guide in Ukraine will make your trip easier, more interesting and less expensive. 

    You can book one of the tours to Ukraine or invent your own.

    If you have any questions - call my 00380937685359 
    Skype: visit.at.ua
    e-mail: vetalgo@googlemail.com
    Your friendly Ukraine guide Vitaliy

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